Baby Basics of Greater Hagerstown Inc., exists to provide diapers to babies and a system of emotional support and referrals for the families.

Baby Basics recognizes that diapers are a constant and expensive healthcare necessity. By providing a consistent and reliable supply of free diapers twice monthly, we help ensure that the need for this healthcare essential is met.

Beyond just being a diaper distribution program, Baby Basics also offers our client families, who do not receive government cash assistance or subsidies, a supportive safety net from welfare and a connection to a caring community.

Board of Directors

President: Karen Doub-Burkett
Vice President: Becca Griffin
Secretary: Patricia B. Brown
Treasurer: Deborah Ebersole
Admissions: Karen Burkett-Doub
At Large – Charles S. Brown
At Large – Dominic Ambrosi
At Large – Jennifer Canby
At Large – Sherry Cramer


Distribution – Shirley Thompson
Distribution – Julie Seal
Distribution – Barbara Falco
Accounting: Albright, Crumbacker, Moul & Itell
Spanish Interpreter – Ariadne Jacobs Spanish Interpreter – Joanna Reyes Spanish Interpreter: Ana Brown
Printing & Mailing: Denise Kelly
Website – Carl H. Snook
Our mission is to provide and distribute diapers and kindness to families of low-income, working in the Washington County, Maryland area.

  • Volunteers sort the diapers by sizes to take them to our distribution center.

  • Families complete an application for eligibility.

  • Qualified families come to the distribution site twice a month to pick up a free supply of diapers.

  • Volunteers greet the families, help them pick up the proper size and provide information about the next distribution and other opportunities for supportive services.

  • Parents enjoy the open and caring environment where they connect with volunteers and talk about their daily struggles and successes.

  • A two-weeks supply of free diapers allows families to spend their limited resources on medicine or other necessities. Babies thrive because they are dry and happy.
  • With your donations, we purchase diapers (lots of diapers).